ACR Systems

Recognized nationally as the most feature rich Point of Sale software available, ACR Systems products are fully customizable to meet each retailers needs. ACR Systems offers all of the advantages of a complete “Open Systems” approach to the POS application. The robust systems offer exceptional up time reliability and are scaleable to handle installations up to large numbers of simultaneous check lanes with massive transaction volume. ACR Systems has the experience you are looking for with over 6,000 stores installed over the past thirty years.

  • ACR 5000

    ACR 5000 is a next generation retail management system which has been designed to assist the merchant provide superior customer service while maximizing the merchant’s knowledge of sales information, product movement, and store profitability. The ACR 5000 back office automation suite eliminates the productivity loss from time spent by owners/managers attending to back office details.The ACR 5000 retail management system is a comprehensive Point Of Sale (POS) application with integrated payments and an automated back-office. The system provides a host of Customer Self-Service options including Self-Checkout, Deli-Bakery, Floral pre-order, and many more customizable self-service as well as payment processing. ACR Systems also has Self-Service POS Station solutions for seasonal outdoor products such as Christmas trees, mulch, rock, and other bulk products. Our in-store Self-Service verticals are designed specifically to reduce the load on the front-end while dramatically increasing customer satisfaction. ACR 5000 is the next generation Point-of-Sale system for creating new revenue streams and new levels of customer satisfaction.

    The ACR 5000 System utilizes Linux based servers, self-loading thin client hardware, touch screen and/or standard POS keyboards, in-lane, back office or remote system controllers bundled with the latest peripherals which provide for all of today’s value added customer service objectives. The system includes features such as single or multi-lane self-checkout and self-service configurations using an integrated POS application for both cashier checkout and/or self-checkout; integrated payment processing services; RFID, and built-in customer loyalty programs, customer house accounts, credit card signature capture, prepaid offerings, customer data mining, graphical merchandising, global promotions, reporting and more.

  • Point-of-Sale

    ACR’s open choices provide comprehensive store-management and information-processing solutions, beginning at the transaction point. Our feature rich applications contain parameters that cover all of your business needs including preferred shopper, paperless office, product training, loss-prevention and checkout productivity. ACR software is designed to support a wide variety of retail environments such as grocery, retail, food service and specialty retail, combining and automating store management functions into a comprehensive, easy-to-operate system.

    Retail solutions for the modern age

    • Profit building customer loyalty programs and target-specific marketing programs.
    • Cashier monitoring, productivity assessment and employee training for a more efficient front-end.
    • Advanced accounting options and multi-level banking features that provide true accountability and time and labor savings on data entry and reporting.
    • Microsoft Windows graphical interface that includes multiple cashier prompting windows, customer recognition, 13 line scrolling receipt and the ability to run and bill for timed advertising loops on idle terminals on checkout screens.
    • ODBC Interface for a flexible and time saving means of creating customized and comprehensive reports using familiar report tools. Provides the freedom needed to access real-time information critical to the management of daily operations.

    ACR provides interfaces to third-party applications and existing systems, such as:

    • Electronic payment interfaces
    • Credit authorization systems
    • Coupon printing interface
    • Gas pump interface
    • Labor scheduling
    • Electronic shelf tag support
    • Security interface
    • Paging interface
    • Customer price check terminals

  • Data Management

    ACR transforms your store’s POS and department terminals into information stations providing shoppers and cashiers, as well as store managers with vital and timely information. Store management personnel can easily access any of the data retained in the system’s central, shared database to help them achieve maximum store efficiency and profitability. POS transaction screens improve customer service and increase shopper confidence by providing detailed information about the customer’s order and other useful data.

    Store Management Information

    Information is a strategic resource to management and ACR’s integrated database provides immediate in-store access to all item records, transactions, employee data and customer information, giving managers instant feedback and increased control over store operations.

    ACR’s extensive data storage and retrieval capability permits you to choose:

    • What data you wish to keep
    • How long to keep the data
    • The method you use to access the data. You can choose to retrieve data using either an ODBC compliant tool to generate custom reports or you can generate ACR predefined reports.

    Shopper and Cashier Information

    ACR’s full size screens and use of color-coded windows either provide instant information or prompt for required action during checkout, enhancing shopper information and increasing cashier productivity.

  • Professional Services

    ACR provides a complete array of professional services through its team of consultants, account managers, installation personnel, and customer-service representatives. Our staff is experienced in the planning and production of chain-wide retail-management systems. ACR is committed to developing support programs that offer customers a choice of options for support services, thereby providing customized support based on each customer’s unique requirements.


    ACR’s integration partners will conduct the multi-vendor bidding process for you, and once the final hardware components have been selected, will serve as the single-vendor interface for system ordering, delivery, and billing. This process simplifies your leasing, accounting, maintenance, and other administrative tasks.

    System Integration

    ACR’s system integration partners eliminate the frustration of open systems by taking responsibility for incorporating all the hardware and software components and delivering a tested, operational system to your store site. ACR’s partners integrate all the hardware components, install the customer specific software, and tests the system. The components are then shrink-wrapped on pallets and shipped directly to your store. When the system arrives it is ready for quick installation.

    Configuration Consultation

    The modular design of the ACR applications gives you the capability to install only those applications that best serve your needs. Because retailers have different POS requirements, ACR uses its extensive industry experience to help you develop an optimum system configuration that satisfies your store’s unique business needs.

    Need a hand? We’ve got you covered.

    We offer multiple ways for our support team to resolve your issue, so you can get back up and running in the method most convenient for you. Whether you need On-site Assistance, Remote Support, or to chat with our help desk, we’re here to offer assistance the way you want it.

  • Inventory Control

    ACR’s Inventory Control System is the first complete perpetual inventory application to track store inventory, monitor item movement and automatically interface all transaction data to a centralized database. ACR streamlines accounting processes, improves the management of product flow and functions as an efficient replenishment system at the store level.

    With ACR’s Inventory Control System, you may choose:

    • How you monitor where inventory is located – by broadly defined inventory departments, or by specific location in a department
    • Transactions from a complete inventory transaction set (receivers, transfers, purchase orders, physical inventory counts, adjustments, shippers, and pickups) to move inventory and how operators will use these transactions to enter inventory movement information.
    • The configuration of each terminal running Inventory Control, allowing you to have terminals designed for different inventory functions.

    A complete
    perpetual inventory application.

    ACR’s Inventory Control System with DSD Receiving:

    • Interfaces with ACR-5000TM POS and Scale Management’s real-time database, storing information into separate yet relational inventory files. Maintains all supplies, ingredients, kits, lay-away and catalog data, reducing data entry, paper transactions and errors in processing.
    • Helps you control vendor ordering and item pricing and provides analysis of performance and profit.
    • Improves physical count methods with an effective means of performing exception-basis counts and also provides counting by cycle, random spot checks, or specific storage areas such as rack or bin.
    • Supports manual receiving and Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) – DEX, NEX and customized ASN.
    • Interfaces to in-store multiple-function RF systems.
    • Provides specific reports to help you analyze inventory movement and inventory costs.
    • Automates ordering tasks, helping management to tailor assortments, shorten lead times and reduce warehouse stock.

  • Customer Support

    As a valued customer of ACR Systems, there are many ways to request support, reflecting the many services which we offer. If you are a current ACR customer and you have a question regarding the ACR-5000™ product, please contact our Help Desk at (904) 296-8554.

    The Help Desk can provide assistance with support for:

    • Procurement
    • Configuration Consultation
    • System Integration
    • On-site Assistance
    • Remote Support